Polar Vortex: It’s Back – Let’s talk about frozen pipes

It’s hard to imagine pitchers and catchers reporting in a mere 12 days while another polar vortex rips through the Midwest.  Arctic blasts plunging the thermometer to 27 degrees below zero in some states? It’s safe to say our friends in Minnesota won’t be throwing the baseball around in the backyard this week.  

But a baseball-less future is probably the least of your worries right now. Extreme cold is dangerous – and expensive, if the pipes in your house freeze and burst. Water damage could cost you as much as $5,000, if not more.  

Prep your pipes to prevent freezing 

There’s a lot you can do to prep for the worst. Consumer Reports has tips for keeping pipes unfrozen and how to thaw them out if they do freeze.

The I.I.I. also provides a checklist and a survival guide for winter weather prepping your home.  

How does insurance handle burst pipes? 

But if the worst does happen, your homeowners insurance will probably offer some coverage. Damage from burst frozen pipes is usually covered – as long as you’ve taken reasonable steps to prevent the freezing in the first place. Stay warm out there!

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