HBCU Impact: Bridging
the Insurance Talent Gap

By Scott Holeman, Director, Media Relations,Triple-I

To amplify the Insurance Information Institute’s (Triple-I) commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, Triple-I partnered with HBCU IMPACT®, whose mission is to increase the number of Black professionals in the insurance, risk management, financial services, and legal industries. The first step in attracting new, diverse talent is to raise awareness about the sector’s viability and vast opportunities for rewarding careers.

A logical place to engage new talent is on college campuses, where many students are still making up their minds about what kind of careers they should pursue. HBCU IMPACT® not only develops and mentors students through a variety of programs and initiatives, but it has also created the HBCU IMPACT® Incubator. This innovative initiative helps students gain insurance credentials and licenses before they graduate, giving them a head start in their search for jobs.

Symira Goodwin attended Bethune-Cookman University and now works at American Express.

Roschinael Pierre Lewis attended Florida Memorial University and is currently interning for the National Basketball Association.

Symira and Roschinael are both HBCU IMPACT® success stories.  Each of them received insurance adjuster’s licenses while still in college.

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